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Here is a simple overview of some of our latest projects.

Oculus Quest

The latest project for the Oculus Quest was an immersive trainer that certified people in jail as apprentice electricians.

One of the key services we provided was a process automation script which removed 75% of manual data entry that generated each new lesson during development.

In addition, we fulfilled key development roles which included UX / UI development and interactive 3D Tool engineering. 


Tasked with providing artistic guidance and high fidelity animated shots of a specific product sequence, we are helping to produce a 5 minute film that will orientate employees, stake holders and additional clients to the complicated procedure involved in deployment.

Responsibilities include all animation, set design, lighting, visual effects, video editing, and sound design.

Hololens 2

Our client wanted to see an Augmented Reality view of their military mission planning software inside of the Hololens. We met this challenge and provided a fully interactive 3D Terrain which plotted every mission asset and flight path for the duration of the mission timeline to include 3d models of all air, land and sea vehicles.

With a 2 way data connection, we were able to display the missions in real-time as the missions were being created and updated. This meant that new missions were also able to be designed in the headset which allowed for a simpler user experience and immediate feedback from all involved.

Game Design

A fun, creative endeavor that began about 2 years ago, we are slowly piecing together a multiplayer mobile game. 


A good portion of this past year has been on optimization, ensuring that our game can run at blazingly high frame rates while producing dense level visuals. This required a significant re-working of game models, but it has paid off wonderfully.  With almost 10 times the amount of a very wide range of 3d models, the look of the levels is finally ready for the next steps in development! Stay tuned!

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