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A business meeting


Technology is ever evolving, and having someone on your side to help understand the most cost effective solutions to achieve your goals is essential.  Let us provide the high level insight that you need to understand the landscape of your problem and then work together to develop the answer.

Whether you want to hire a professional AR/VR developer to help you meet contractual milestones, launch an initial app for your business, create a mobile game with your kids, or even to understand the best way to guide your kids into a tech career, Bauervision Consulting, LLC has you covered.

Virtual Reality
AR / VR Sub-Contracting


Looking for an easy way to get some development done on a contract that you need to complete? Maybe someone quit halfway through a milestone yet you are still on the hook for the deliverable?

We can help you easily fulfill the requirements without needing to hire a FT employee.

Hololens, Oculus, Mobile or desktop development capable, just point us in the direction let us get to work!

Man Trying App


Would you like to have your own app to promote your business? Maybe you want to streamline customer interactions and get something in their hands that let's them know your company better? We specialize in rapid app development to take your business to the next level!

Playing Video Games


Hop over to Art Station where you can see all realms of artistic expression, including what we've done for real-time immersive gaming!

Screenshot 2022-08-02 135344.jpg


We are also an active store developer for Unity where you can find several free assets we have made available, and a couple of paid ones.


Feel free to check us out there as well!



We are now publishing on Google's Play Store!

Stay tuned for Apple's App Store!

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